AeroTorque Timeline

PT Tech produces torque and brake products for Kennetech and The Wind Turbine Company

PT Tech works with Turbine OEMs on torque limiter research

Major Bearing manufacturer pushes PT Tech into bearing damage research, launching innovation.

May 2011
PT Tech begins field testing/monitoring on wind turbine drivetrains

August 2011
PT Tech introduces first ever Asymmetric Torque limiter to market on NM750 turbine.

September 2011
Begin data collection on megawatt class turbines – GE 1.5 and Gamesa 2.0.

December 2011
NEG Micron product begins fleet retrofit installs

September 2012
First publication of PT Tech’s work in Windpower Engineering and Development Magazine

February 2013
Presentation at NREL Gearbox Reliability Collaborative

March 2013
AeroTorque Corporation is launched out of PT Tech as a stand-alone subsidiary

March 2014
GE 1.5-1.6 model installed for trials

April 2014
Data collection begins on Mitsubishi turbines

November 2014
Introduced 1.5-2.3 MW Generation 2 product – initial install on Vestas V-82s

March 2015
Introduction of Mitsubishi 600/Vestas V-47 models

Summer 2015
Beginning of fleet installs of GE 1.6 and Vestas V-82 models

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