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  • Extreme Torsional Loads Damage More Than Wind Turbine Gearboxes

    Windpower Engineering and Development

    Using an FMEA approach to quantify value of an RTD. (Feb./2016)

  • How Turbulent Winds Abuse Wind Turbine Drivetrains

    Windpower Engineering and Development

    Several years of monitoring drive train loads on a range of turbines show how frequently occurring wind events and those common to normal operations abuse drive trains and shortens gearbox life.  (April/2015)

  • Transient Wind Events and Their Effect on Drive-Train Loads

    Windtech International

    Although wind turbines have been around for decades, recent research has been focused on what occurs with a wind turbine under various wind conditions. New data shows how the entire drive-train sees an impact from these transient events. Drive-train torque monitoring on various turbine models has shown that an asymmetrical torque control device reduces the damaging loads and helps extend turbine life.  This article appeared in the April 2015 issue of Windtech International and is displayed with permission. Copyright 2015 by Siteur Publications

  • Understanding the Root Causes fo Axial Cracking in Wind Turbine Gearbox Bearings

    Bearing News

    Modern Wind turbines are an important piece of our energy mix. Unfortunately, gearbox life issues have impacted their financial payback and axial cracks in have become the major cause of premature gearbox failures, shortening life to as little as 1-2 years. The root cause must be understood tosuccessfully find the solution.  (February/2015)

  • Tracking The Source Of Gearbox Bearing Failures

    Windpower Engineering & Development

    Axial cracking in bearing races has become all too common in large megawatt turbines. This damage can shorten bearing life to as little as one to two years. Recent research suggests a root cause of axial cracking, making prevention and early detection possible. (2014/February)

  • Why Gearboxes Fail and a Solution To Lower Drivetrain Costs

    Windpower Engineering and Development

    Premature gearbox failures have plagued the wind turbine industry for decades, and only recently have the real culprits been identified. That information has led to a solution not as complex as imagined.  (September 2012)

  • NREL’s Gearbox Collaborative Provides More Insight On Why Gearboxes Fail - And a Solution

    Windpower Engineering and Development

    It’s not often that a technical conference leaves attendees with an ah-ha moment, but it happened at the recent Gearbox Reliability Collaborative sponsored by NREL at its offices in Golden, Colo.  All presentations were good, but three in particular answered interesting questions raised by those preceding. AeroTorque (then PT Tech Windproducts) did just that!  (Article by Paul Dvorak - May 2012)

  • Are Transient Events Damaging Your Turbine's Drivetrain?

     Wind Systems Magazine 
     Searching for the root causes of White Etch Area damage and other failure modes. (2013/July)

  • Extending Wind Turbine Gearbox Life

    TLT - Tribology & Lubrication Technology Magazine 
    On-the-horizon lubricants just might be the best solution to the high loads and extreme conditions that cause early failures. (Numerous references to AeroTorque articles and data from and NREL Gearbox Collaborative Meeting.)

    Article by Jean Van Rensselar, Contributing Editor,Tribology & Lubrication Techology Magazine (2013/May)